Local Businessman’s Quick Actions Save A Man’s Life

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Clearwater, Fl, March 26, 2014—Local business owner Jason Stanard saves a Colorado man’s life while exploring caves in Belize.

On Thursday March 20th, President of GreatCircle Studios, Jason Stanard, reached out to save a man’s life in the Toledo district of Belize. Around 3 p.m. local time, the two men and a group of tourists were taking a 1 mile tour of the Blue Creek Cave when Douglas “Doug” Jobe slipped while trying to traverse a waterfall within the cave. Stanard quickly grabbed Doug and pulled him to safety.

“It was kind of a harrowing day. The cave was dark and filled with all manner of poisonous creatures .It was total darkness. I was consumed by darkness,” said Mr. Jobe. “I was only able to navigate by the sound of Jason [Stanard] in front of me.”

Blue Creek Cave is a natural site in Toledo and is believed to be one of the largest underground systems in the world. The cave is about a 20 minute walk through the jungle from the Mayan village of Blue Creek, which has a population of 270.

“There were a series of waterfalls; the first waterfall was pretty tough. The second water fall was even bigger. We got to the third waterfall and it was thunderous,” said Jobe. “You couldn’t hear yourself think it was so loud.” Blue Creek runs through much of the cave and makes the rocks slippery and difficult to climb.

“I was halfway up the waterfall and lost my hand grip and I fell, I plunged deep into the pool and I was submerged for what seemed like hours. I surfaced again and I started up the wall again got to the same exact spot and I was ready to fall again,” said Mr. Jobe. “Then Jason’s hand just swooped down, it was like an angel. I reached up and grabbed it and he pulled me up and got me on top of the waterfall. He was just standing there no safety equipment, no miner’s hat.”

When asked about the events, Mr. Jobe was quoted as saying, “The people’s hero [Jason] that title is reserved for just a special few and he’s one of them. I’m thankful he was there in that dark deep cave that day.”

Cave hiking is considered an extreme sport or activity. It is often suggested that safety equipment be worn to prevent accidents or death. While no statistics could be found on the number of deaths or accidents that occur during the Blue Creek Cave hike, a certified guide is required by law to accompany any visitor who wishes to explore the cave due to the caves partial submersion, winding passageways and steep waterfalls.

“When I saw him struggling, just struggling to get up there I knew I had to act. Doug was looking pretty desperate,” said Mr. Stanard. “I think he [Doug] pretty much knew that I was going to be there for him, and I was.”

Jason Stanard is President, co-founder of GreatCircle Studios, a full service web design, SEO, and web marketing firm serving businesses around the globe. Stanard serves on the Board of Directors for the Clearwater Downtown Partnership, the Clearwater Technology Alliance, and the Clearwater IT Advisory Board. He makes regular appearances on radio talks shows and enjoys providing solutions for a variety of business models. Jason Stanard has been nominated twice for Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s Rising Star Award and Up-and-Comers Award.

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