We are what some like to call eccentric—and we’re okay with that. Why? Because eccentric is different and that is what we look to provide for your business. Our team doesn’t dally in big words and flashy terms like ROI.  We work hard and tirelessly for our clients to ensure they receive the best results from our work.

Where Did We Get That Name?

Our name is derived from the nautical term ‘Great Circle‘, meaning “a course plotted on the surface of the globe that is the shortest distance between two points,” plus ‘Studio’ meaning “a place where an artist works.”

We believe that every piece of work we put together for our clients is a piece of art, whether its coding, design, creative direction or social media campaigns, we create digital art that prompts consumers to do something.

The 3 T’s

The Team:

We play hard and work even harder

We wear tiny hats

We say hello in hallways

We know everyone’s name, even the trolls

We keep it simple

We play music in the office, loudly

We laugh even loudlier louder

We share our ideas and our snacks

We answer phone calls and emails

We never think there are bad ideas, just ones that need a little work

We believe that some rules are meant to be broken

Tiny Hats

So what’s up with the little hats?

They’re not little – they’re tiny. And it can all be summed up very succinctly:

Tiny hats, big results.

We’re a small company. Tiny, even. So we require a staff that isn’t one-dimensional. Each person has a skill set with a bunch of different tools, and they are trained to use any of them at any given moment. Sure, we have our specialties; but, when the time comes, we can switch hats at a moment’s notice to help the next guy.

Typically, when we refer to Tiny Hats, we’re referring to the Web Concierge department of our company. Similar to a hotel concierge, your web concierge is able to take care of your digital needs and manage a web presence for you that will generate traffic and leads for you.

Your web concierge is your helping hand in the digital space. Handling a range of tactics and techniques from on-page SEO, organic traffic to social media and paid advertising.


Now what about the Troll?

The troll? Oh! You mean Thaddeus. Thaddeus is GCS’s leader of the trolls, the standard smasher of web marketing mayhem.

But why trolls?

Listen, we understand that the online world can be intimidating; you might not understand the mythology of it all, and things can get a little crazy – pandemic, even. That’s why we’ve recruited trolls to our team – to circumvent that online mayhem. Make no mistake, trolls have been known to cause a ruckus, but our converted trolls, led by Thaddeus, have seen the light. They are familiar with mayhem, they know the tactics, and that’s why they’re the best to combat SEO mayhem.

The Mayhem Troll Team – Masters and Smashers of SEO Mayhem.

Do you get it?